Steps to find the secret | Mickey's Comet

MICKEY MOUSE: Now we know that this is the way Professor Von Drake went. DAISY: But look. The second star, Mickey's Comet is on its way.
Steps to find the secret | Mickey's Comet
Time's running out. MICKEY MOUSE: We'd better get a move

Upside down | Mickey's Comet

GOOFY: Whee! MICKEY MOUSE: What is it, boyWhat is it, boy? GOOFY [SINGING]: Put your eyes near the ground / Say goodbye to your frown / And come upside down cycling with me / Just stand on your head / Till your face turns bright red / Oh, the beautiful sights you'll see / So grab your own wheels / And kick up your heels / And come

A green circle | Mickey's Comet

DAISY: There are three pathsThere are three paths. We're looking for the one next to a green circle, with red polka dots? Do you see it? DONALD: I don't. MICKEY: Let's make sure we aren't missing something. What different shapes do you see? MINNIE: This tree has

A giant button | Mickey's Comet

DAISY: Pluto's found somethingPluto's found something.
MINNIE: What is that? I can't tell.
MICKEY MOUSE: Huh, me neither.
We better go see it for ourselves.
MICKEY MOUSE: What do you got there, boy?
MINNIE: Oh, my.

Pluto-Cam | Mickey's Comet

MICKEY MOUSE: Balloons. What a great bunchWhat a great bunch. A wind-up toy. Building blocks. Ha, ha. And the Mystery Mouseketool. That's a surprise tool that can help us later. MICKEY [SINGING]: Toodles has the tools / The Mousketools / So when we need them / Toodles will bring them / He's here for meedles and youdles / And all we have to say is

You can see Mickey's Comet

PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: Would you look at that? MICKEY MOUSE: Huh? Who said that? PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: Now there's something you don't see every daysomething you don't see every day. MICKEY MOUSE: It's Professor Von Drake. Sounds like he's on the roof. Whee! Hiya, professor. PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: Oh, Mickey. What a start you giving me! But I am so glad to see you anyways. I got big news for you