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You are invited to read Incredibles 2 Movie TranscriptIncredibles 2 Movie Transcript where the story follows the superheroes Parr family. RICK DICKER: File 82-712. Agent Rick Dicker interrogating. State your ...
name, please.
TONY RYDINGER: Uh, Tony. Tony Rydinger.
RICK DICKER: Tell me about the incident.
TONY RYDINGER [narrating]: Well, there's this girl, in my class. I saw her at the track meet.
TONY RYDINGER: You're, uh, Violet, right?
VIOLET PARR: That's me.
TONY RYDINGER [narrating]: I sort of knew her, but she'd changed. Relaxed. She was more sure of herself. Cool, cute. I asked her out to a movie.
TONY RYDINGER [narrating]: And I went to watch the track meet. Not long after, this thing happened in the parking lot.
THE UNDERMINER: Behold! The Underminer! I am always beneath you, but nothing is beneath me!
TONY RYDINGER [narrating]: As if things aren't weird enough, I look over and I see these boots.
MR. INCREDIBLE: You two, stay here.
ELASTIGIRL: Wait. Should we be doing this? It is still illegal.
TONY RYDINGER [narrating]: They looked like superheroes.
MR. INCREDIBLE: We're gonna lose him.
ELASTIGIRL: Oh, all right. One of you patrol the perimeter, keep the crowds back and safe. The other, watch after Jack-Jack.
VIOLET PARR: But I thought we were gonna go with...
MR. INCREDIBLE: You heard your mother. Trampoline me.
DASHIELL DASH PARR: I call perimeter!
VIOLET PARR: You're not going anywhere, you little maggoty creep!
TONY RYDINGER: I see my chance to get out of there. But there's something familiar about one of the kids' voices. The girl, she's upset and she throws down her mask and it's her!
VIOLET PARR: Oh. Tony! Hi. Uh, this isn't what you think it is.
TONY RYDINGER: It was just getting too freaky. I couldn't handle it and ran off. I feel kinda bad about it. Maybe I should've said "hi" or something? It's not her fault superheroes are illegal. And it's not like I don't like strong girls. I'm pretty secure manhood-wise. What is that?
RICK DICKER: Have you told anyone else about this? Your parents?
TONY RYDINGER: No, they'd only think I was hiding something. You know what I mean?
RICK DICKER: Sure, kid.
TONY RYDINGER: I like this girl, Mr. Dicker. I'm supposed to go out with her Friday night. Now, things are just gonna be weird. I wish I could forget I ever saw her in that suit.
RICK DICKER: You will, kid. You will.
Come on!Consider yourself undermined!
- Underminer! - We meet again... Huh?
Oh, great! Now, he's on the agenda.
Meet Jack Hammer!
No, no, no! No, no, no!
Everybody, stay back! Okay? Stay back!
You're not sticking me with babysitting!
I can't steer it or stop it. And the Underminer's escaped!
We'll have to stop it... Bob! The monorail!
Frozone! Yeah!
We have to stop this thing
before it gets to the overpass!
I'll try to keep it away from the buildings!
Hey, lady!
Thank you so much, young man!
Everybody, stop!
- Heads up, Dad! - Dash!
Violet! Who's watching Jack-Jack?
Dash is watching him!
Violet, here, you take him!
It's headed for City Hall!
Mom needs help!
They're out in public again! This is our chance!
Follow them, follow Frozone!
Bob! Help me with the boiler!
That should do it!
What are you kids doing? Get out of here!
This thing's gonna blow!
There's no time!
We did it!
Freeze, Supers!
Oh, what did we do?
Excuse me, Mr. Zone?
Sorry, but I'm not really supposed to be here.
Which seems wrong...
doesn't it?
Perhaps you'd be interested in changing that law?
Superheroes including Frozone,
Mr. Incredible, and Elastigirl...
caused further damage to the city.
The Underminer remains at large.
We didn't start this fight.
Well, you didn't finish it either!
Did you stop the Underminer from inflicting more damage?
Did you stop him from robbing the banks?
- No. - Did you catch him?
- No. - The banks were insured.
We have infrastructure in place
to deal with these matters.
If you had simply done nothing...
everything would now be
proceeding in an orderly fashion.
You'd have preferred we do nothing?
Without a doubt.
You weren't much help.
Do you want out of the hole?
First you gotta put down the shovel.
Well, that went poorly.
Dad, this is probably
not the best time to tell you about this...
but something else happened today with a kid...
and my mask.
Oh, hey, Rick.
Violet thinks a friend of hers, a kid named Tony...
might have seen her in the outfit, without her mask.
- Talkative type? - Don't know.
Last name is Rydinger.
Tony Rydinger.
I'll check it out.
Bob, Helen...
a word if you don't mind.
Uh, the program's been shut down.
Politicians don't understand people...
who do good simply because it's right.
It makes 'em nervous.
They've been gunning for Supers for years.
Today was all they needed.
I'm done.
I'm afraid two more weeks in the motel
is the best I can do for ya.
It ain't much.
You've done plenty, Rick.
We won't forget.
Well, it has been a great honor working with you good people.
Thanks for everything, and good luck.
Yeah. You, too.
Did you wash your hands?
With soap?
Did you dry them?
What? Is this all vegetables? Who ordered all vegetables?
I did. They're good and you're going to have some.
Are we going to talk about it?
- What? - The elephant in the room.
- What elephant? - I guess not then.
You're referring to today.
Yeah, what's the deal with today?
We all made mistakes.
For example,
you kids were supposed to watch Jack-Jack.
Babysitting, while you guys did the important stuff.
We talked about this.
You're not old enough to decide about these things.
We are old enough to help out.
Isn't that what you tell us, Dad?
Yeah, well, "help out" can mean many different things.
But we're supposed to help, if there's trouble. read more
I love superheroes!
The powers, the costumes...
the mythic struggles.
Winston Deavor. You can call me Win.
Genuine pleasure to meet you.
- Frozone! - It's good to see you.
- Elastigirl. - Nice to meet you.
- Mr. Incredible! - Hello.
# Mr. Incredible, Incredible
# Incredible
# Catching the bad guys Pow, pow, pow #
# Who's the cat Who's always chill
# When survival odds Are close to nil
# Frozone Frozone
# Frozone
Can't tell you what a thrill this is. And this...
Oh, hello there, superheroes. I'm so sorry I'm late. my tardy sister, Evelyn.
And I'm scolding myself so you don't have to, Winston!
My father was so proud
that I was even remotely connected to you guys.
He used to call you the last line of defense.
He was your top supporter.
He donated to superhero causes.
He raised money
for the Dynaguy statue in Avery Park. read more
No Sugar Bombs on my watch.
Where's Mom?
She's up and out.
She's at her new job doing hero work.
But I thought superheroes were still illegal.
They are, for now.
So Mom is getting paid to break the law?
She's not breaking...
She's an advocate for superheroes.
It's a new job.
So, Mom is going out illegally...
to explain why she shouldn't be illegal.
Hey... Hey!
The bus is here!
Whoa! Grab your stuff quickly! Go on, get on the...
Put your homework in your pack!
We're gonna get along just fine...
'cause you don't ask any hard questions.
All right. All locations,
we need to know where you want us.
Stand by.
Seems strange to wait for crime.
Relax. You're smack in the middle...
of the worst crime area in the city. It's perfect.
It's a superhero's playground.
It's a superhero's playground. Right.
You know, after we went underground...
my husband used to listen to a police scanner...
waiting for something to happen.
And I got mad at him for it.
Oh, I'm such a hypocrite.
- All units. - Something's up.
We've been picking up some chatter about
potential disruptions to the hovertrain's opening ceremony.
- Disruption or threat? - Both.
Station's at Fifty-Fourth and Nottingham.
A potential threat! Perfect!
Fifty-fourth and Nottingham. Go, go, go! more

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