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ELASTIGIRL (able to stretch her body like rubber): What do I say? I don't know.
BOB PARR (former superhero relocated as average citizen): What do you mean, you don't know? A few hours ago, you were saying it was over and being a superhero was a fantasy. Now, you get the offer of a lifetime and you don't know?
HELEN PARR (Bob's wife): It's not that simple, Bob. I wanna protect the kids!
BOB PARR: So do I.
HELEN PARR: From jail, Bob!
BOB PARR: And how do you do that? By turning down a chance to change the law that forces them to hide what they are?
HELEN PARR: They haven't decided what they are. They're still kids.
BOB PARR: Kids with powers, which makes them Supers whether they decide to use those powers or not. This will benefit them.
HELEN PARR: It's not a good time to be away. Dash is having trouble with homework, Vi is worried about her first date with that boy she likes, Tony, and Jack-Jack...
BOB PARR: Jack-Jack? What's wrong with him?What's wrong with him?
HELEN PARR: Okay, nothing's wrong with Jack-Jack. But even a normal baby needs a lot of attention. I'm just not sure I can leave.
BOB PARR: Of course you can leave. You've got to. So that I... we can be Supers again, so our kids can have that choice.
HELEN PARR: So you can have that choice.
BOB PARR: All right, yes! So I can have that choice. And I would do a great job! Regardless of what Deavor's pie charts say or whatever... But they want you. And you'll do a great job too.

HELEN PARR: Well, that was excruciating to watch. I can't lie to you. It's nice to be wanted. Flattering, you know, but...
BOB PARR: But what's the choice? One, do this right, get well paid, we're out of the motel and things get better for all Supers, including our kids. Or two, I find a job in two weeks or we're homeless.
HELEN PARR: You know it's crazy, right? To help my family, I gotta leave it. To fix the law, I gotta break it.
BOB PARR: You'll be great.
HELEN PARR: I know I will. But what about you? We have kids. BOB PARR: I'll watch the kids, no problem.I'll watch the kids, no problem. Easy.
HELEN PARR: Easy, huh? You're adorable. Well, if there is a problem, I'll drop this thing and come right back.
BOB PARR: You won't need to. I got it, you go do this thing. Do it so... I can do it better.
WINSTON DEAVOR (a superhero fan who leads a telecommunications company with his sister Evelyn): Deavor here.
HELEN PARR: This is Elastigirl. I'm in.
HELEN PARR: Mr. Deavor, it's wonderful but it's too generous.
WINSTON DEAVOR: Nonsense! That's the least we can do. We're partners now! Can't have my partners living in a motel.
HELEN PARR: But whose house? Is it a house?
WINSTON DEAVOR: It's my house. I have several. I'm not using that one. Stay as long as you need.
HELEN PARR: I don't know what to say.
BOB PARR: How about "thanks"?
DASHIELL DASH PARR: This is our new house?This is our new house?
HELEN PARR: Okay, easy, tiger. It's being loaned to us.
VIOLET PARR (the family's daughter and first child, who can become invisible and project force fields for limited lengths of time ): This is homey.
BOB PARR: Look at this place. Deavor bought it from an eccentric billionaire who liked to come and go without being seen so the house has multiple hidden exits.
VIOLET PARR: Good thing we won't stand out. Wouldn't want to attract any unnecessary attention.
DASHIELL DASH PARR: It's got a big yard!
HELEN PARR: Isn't this a bit much?
DASHIELL DASH PARR (the family's troublemaker first son, who has superhuman speed): Near a forest!
BOB PARR: Would you rather be at the motel?
VIOLET PARR: What exactly is Mom's new job?
BOB PARR: The important thing is we're out of the motel.
DASHIELL DASH PARR: I like Mom's new job! Oh, ho, ho!
BOB PARR: Well, check out the water features.check out the water features.
BOB PARR: Hey! Dash! Stop it! Not the couch! Stop it!
VIOLET PARR: Don't touch the buttons!
BOB PARR: The couch!
BOB PARR: Oh, no. Oh, boy.
VIOLET PARR: This isn't me.
ELASTIGIRL: I'm not all dark and angsty. I'm Elastigirl. I'm, you know, flexible.
BOB PARR: E designed this?
ELASTIGIRL: No, some guy named Alexander Galbaki.
BOB PARR: Glad it's you and not me, 'cause you're gonna hear from her. This note came with it.
ELASTIGIRL: What? (Note: Elastigirl, There's an accessory in the garage ..., Evelyn)
ELASTIGIRL: A new Elasticycle.ELASTIGIRL: A new Elasticycle.
BOB PARR: Elasticycle? I didn't know you had a bike.
ELASTIGIRL: Hey, I had a Mohawk. There's a lot about me you don't know.
BOB PARR: Yeah, but... A Mohawk?
ELASTIGIRL: Ah, you didn't miss anything. Oh, yeah! This one's electric.
BOB PARR: What's that mean? ELASTIGIRL: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Means it's torque-y. I'll get the hang of it.
BOB PARR: You will be great.
ELASTIGIRL: I will be great. And you will, too.
BOB PARR: We will both be great.
ELASTIGIRL: Bye, sweetie. more


While Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl are being interrogated by the police, pictures from their interviews in The Incredibles (2004) appear. A television broadcast about Elastigirl features the interview clip of her from the beginning of The Incredibles (2004).


In a scene where Bob is rummaging through cartons of stuff saved from the old house, some of the items from his study in the first movie are visible, such as the jar of bullets that had bounced off of him.

The house loaned to the Parrs was said to have been owned by an eccentric billionaire who didn't like to be seen coming and going, and has many secret entrances and exists. This is a nod to The Thunderbirds. The house is modeled after the original Thunderbirds marionette television program, as well as its follow-up computer animated series reboot.

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