Incredibles 2 movie transcript page 2 We wanna fight bad guys

BOB PARR: Well, yeah, but...
VIOLET PARR: Aren't you glad we helped today?
BOB PARR: Yeah, I know but...
VIOLET PARR: You said that you were proud of us.
BOB PARR: Well, yeah, I was. Am!
DASHIELL DASH PARR: We wanna fight bad guys!DASHIELL DASH PARR: We wanna fight bad guys!
HELEN PARR: No, you don't!
VIOLET PARR: You said things were different now.
HELEN PARR: And they were, on the island. But I didn't mean that from now on...
VIOLET PARR: So now, we've gotta go back to never using our powers.
DASHIELL DASH PARR: It defines who I am.
BOB PARR: We're not saying you have...What?
DASHIELL DASH PARR: Someone on TV said it.
HELEN PARR: Can we just eat? The dinner, while it's hot?
DASHIELL DASH PARR: Did we do something wrong?
BOB PARR: No. We didn't do anything wrong.
HELEN PARR: Superheroes are illegal. Whether it's fair or not, that's the law.
BOB PARR: The law should be fair. What are we teaching our kids? What are we teaching our kids?

HELEN PARR: To respect the law!
BOB PARR: Even when the law is disrespectful?
HELEN PARR: If laws are unjust, there are laws to change them! Otherwise, it's chaos!
BOB PARR: Which is exactly what we have!
VIOLET PARR: I just thought it was kinda cool.
HELEN PARR: What was?
VIOLET PARR: Fighting crime as a family.
HELEN PARR: It was cool. But it's over. The world is what it is. We have to adapt.
DASHIELL DASH PARR: Are things bad?
HELEN PARR: Things are fine.
DASHIELL DASH PARR: May I be excused?
VIOLET PARR: How much longer in the motel, Dad?
HELEN PARR: Not much longer, honey.
HELEN PARR: What are we gonna do?
BOB PARR: I don't know. Maybe Dicker will find something?
HELEN PARR: Dicker is done, Bob. Any thought we had about being Supers again is fantasy. One of us has gotta get a job

BOB PARR: One of us?
HELEN PARR: You did a long stint at Insuricare.
BOB PARR: Hated every minute of it.
HELEN PARR: I know it was hard on you. Maybe it's my turn in the private sector and you take care of the kids...
BOB PARR: No, I'm doing this. I need to do this. You know where my suit and ties are?
HELEN PARR: Burned up when...
BOTH: The jet destroyed our house.
HELEN PARR: Yeah. We can't count on anyone else now, Bob. It's just us. We can't wait for...
LUCIUS BEST: No lifeguard on duty! Swim at your own risk.
BOB PARR: Oh, where'd you go today? I noticed you missed all the missed all the fun
LUCIUS BEST: Don't be mad because I know when to leave a party. I'm just as illegal as you guys. Besides, I knew the cops would let you go.
HELEN PARR: Yeah, in spite of Bob's best efforts.
BOB PARR: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
LUCIUS BEST: I heard the program shut down. How much longer are you in this motel?How much longer are you in this motel?
BOB PARR: Two weeks.
LUCIUS BEST: Now, you know the offer still stands.
HELEN PARR: You're very generous, but there are five of us. We wouldn't do that to you and Honey.
LUCIUS BEST: Well, door's always open. You know, the news isn't all bad. While you guys were being detained I was approached by a dude who represents this tycoon.a dude who represents this tycoon
BOB PARR: Winston Deavor
LUCIUS BEST: Wants to talk with me, with you two, about hero stuff. I checked him out. He's legit. Trained under Dicker. He wants to meet.
HELEN PARR: Ah, jeez! More superhero trouble. We just came from the police station, Lucius.
LUCIUS BEST: Tonight. I'm going there now.
HELEN PARR: You enjoy, I'm sitting this one out.
LUCIUS BEST: He wants all three of us.
BOB PARR: Honey, let's just at least hear what he has to say.hear what he has to say
LUCIUS BEST: You got the address, I'll meet you guys there.
HELEN PARR: Go in our Supersuits?
LUCIUS BEST: Yeah. Might wanna wear the old Supersuits. Got a feeling he's nostalgic.
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