High Higher Highest | Mickey Mouse

DAISY: Well, I'm liking those bottle caps.
High Higher Highest | Mickey Mouse
They're round, just like Goofbot's buttons! GOOFY: Yeah and there are one, two, three of them. How about we try 'em? MICKEY MOUSE: We've got ears,say: cheers! GOOFBOT: Thanks for making me all better, everybody.
Thanks for making me all better, everybody
Now, watch me go, go, go! DONALD DUCK: See ya! DALE: Oh, yeah? I'll see you! DONALD DUCK: What? CHIP AND DALE: We did it! BOTH: All hail Chip and Dale! PETE: My hopes have been scrambled. DONALD DUCK: This is exasperating. MICKEY MOUSE: Hey, everybody, want to do something swell? Then step right up and ring the bell. Hit the tile just right and the disc will go high higher highest!
the disc will go high higher highest
Who wants to go first? CHIP AND DALE: We do! MICKEY MOUSE: Say, folks, when the disc goes up to ring the bell, let's all call out, high, higher, highest" Ready? MICKEY MOUSE: High. CHIP: Higher. DALE: Highest. DAISY: Goody-good for you, boys! I hope I can do as well as you!
I can do as well as you
ALL: High. Higher. Highest. DAISY: Goody-goody! I did it! DONALD DUCK: Aw, this is easy. Huh? What happened? I'll show ya! What? I don't believe it! This is ridiculous! What? PETE: Oh, what's the matter, pal?
what's the matter, pal
You got a problem? Let me take a whack at it. Uh-oh! DONALD DUCK: Whoa! Get me down! PETE: Sorry! MICKEY MOUSE: Aw. Don't worry, Pete. We'll find a way to get Donald down safely. Everybody say: oh, Toodles! BOTH: Oh, Toodles! TOODLES: Somebody needs help?
Somebody needs help
MICKEY MOUSE: Let's see, we've got the handy fishing pole, a giant bendy straw, and the mystery mouseketool. PETE: Hmm... What say we go fishing for the duck? You know, with that handy fishing thingy. MICKEY MOUSE: Gosh! I think Donald's a little too high up in the tree to do that. Watch High Higher Highest video

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