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Mickey's Christmas Carol
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directed by Burny Mattinson, story by Burny Mattinson, Tony L. Marino, Ed Gombert, Don Griffith, Alan Young, Alan Dinehart. Based on A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Characters by Walt Disney, Ub Iwerks. Animation by John Lasseter, Glen Keane, Mark Henn, music by Irwin Kostal, a 1983 Walt Disney Production.


On Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve
in 19th-century London, Ebenezer Scrooge is a surly money-lender who is very selfish with his money and objects to the merriment of Christmas. He refuses to give money to a panhandler
refuses to give money to a panhandler
outside his office. His loyal employee Bob Cratchit (Mickey Mouse) requests to have half of Christmas Day off,
half of Christmas Day off
to which Scrooge reluctantly accepts, but says Cratchit would be docked half a day's pay. He declines his nephew Fred (Donald Duck)'s invitation to Christmas dinner.
invitation to Christmas dinner
At one o'clock, Scrooge is visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past
Ghost of Christmas Past
who takes him back in time to his early adult life. A distraught Scrooge asks the Ghost to return him to the present, and the Ghost grants his request but reminds him that he created this past himself. Scrooge is left in his bed lamenting his past actions. At two o'clock, Scrooge meets the gigantic, merry Ghost of Christmas Present
Ghost of Christmas Present
The Ghost takes Scrooge to an old, decrepit home which is revealed to be Bob Cratchit's house. Scrooge is shocked to see that their Christmas dinner for their family of five consists of barely enough food to feed one person but sees that Cratchit's family
Cratchit's family
is surprisingly content with their small dinner.

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This is the last film where Clarence Nash provides the voice of Donald Duck and the first where Wayne Allwine provides the voice of Mickey Mouse.

The theatrical release of this film was as part of the 1983 reissue of The Rescuers (1977).