Bubble Shooter Levels Free Game

Bubble Shooter Levels Free
You can test your skill by playing the very popular game Bubble Shooter Levels for free
in which to make as many points as possible you have to empty the screens. For this you have to shoot the bubbles and if they become groups of 3 or more of the same color, they disappear at the bottom of the computer screen or mobile phone.

The game Bubble Shooter Levels can be played free on PC, Mobile, Chromebook and more. The amount of health you have cycles. So if you start with 5 health and it reaches zero it will then reset with 4 health.


There are a total of 9 levels.

1 red and blue

On the first level there are 2 colors: red with a diamond and blue with a circle.
2 colors: red with a diamond and blue with a circle

2 + yellow-green with a square

On level 2 additionally yellow-green bubbles with a square.
yellow-green bubbles with a square

3 + purple with star

On level 3 add purple bubbles with a star.
purple bubbles with a star

4 + magenta with triangle low base

On level 4 add magenta with triangle low base.
magenta with triangle low base

5 + yellow with triangle top base

On level 5 add yellow bubbles with triangle top base.
yellow bubbles with triangle top base

6 to 9 + orange-yellow with a dark stripe

On level 6 add orange-yellow bubbles with a dark stripe.
orange-yellow bubbles with a dark stripe

Game controls


Fix the direction with the mouse then click.


It's simpler because it combines two actions into one: just put your finger on the touchscreen where you want the shoot the bubble.


a. As you advance to higher level the speed of scrolling also increases.
b. Every time you make a shot and it doesn’t pop any bubbles you lose one health. If your health gets down to zero a row of bubbles is added.
c. Don’t let the bubbles reach the bottom of the screen or it’s game over.

Play the game

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