Children Toddlers Nursery Famous Songs

Children Toddlers Nursery Famous SongsWatch most popular playground songs
that include actions to be done with the words. A children's song may be a nursery rhyme set to music, a song that children invent and share among themselves or a modern creation intended for entertainment, use in the home or education. Although children's songs have been recorded and studied in some cultures more than others, they appear to be universal in human society. Some of the most popular playground toddlers songs include actions to be done with the words.

Among the most famous of these is "I'm a Little Teapot".

A term from the song is now commonly used in cricket to describe a disgruntled bowler's stance when a catch has been dropped. A 'teapot' involves standing with one hand on your hip in disappointment, a 'double teapot' involves both hands on hips and a disapproving glare.

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