JumpStart Toddlers Game (1996)

Toddlers can explore the interactive playroom and click on items to play activities, or see animations....
The player's guide and mascot for the game is Giggles the gopher. In the game, the player can click on different items in a playroom and play seven different activities like:
Give the Dog a Bone
Give the Dog a Bone
give the dog the items that he asks for. After he says what he wants, the cursor will automatically become that item. Move your cursor to his mouth to give him the item.
click on the animals to hear each one sing. You can also click in the area around the animal to hear the names of different objects and see animations. There are nine animals: cat, crocodile, duck, elephant, kangaroo, lion, polar bear, whale and zebra.
click a letter on the blackboard frame or type a letter on your keyboard. A word that begins with that letter will appear, and an animated sequence will play.
move the mouse across the screen to clear away the cover images. When you have cleared most of them, the rest will automatically clear on their own. Discover a singing animal friend underneath. There are nine animals to find: cat, cow, elephant, goat, horse, pig, polar bear, sheep, and whale. There seven screen covers: balloons, bubbles, candies, coins, eggs, leaves, and marbles.
Musical Instruments
Musical Instruments
listen to the sounds that different musical instruments make. Click on an instrument to hear its sound. Tapping the keyboard will cause a random instrument to play. There are seven instruments: piano, harmonica, banjo, trumpet, violin, flute, and drum.
Numbers 1 to 10
Numbers 1 to 10
click a number on the blackboard frame or type a number on your keyboard. An object or objects of that number will appear, and an animated sequence will play.
Bouncing Shapes
Bouncing Shapes
click on the shapes to hear the name of the shape and its color. The shapes will move around the screen and bounce around. Tap buttons on the keyboard to activate sounds. Each shape plays a different musical note.


JumpStart Toddlers Theme Song
Give the Dog a Bone Song
Songbook Song
ABC's Song
Peek-A-Boo Song
Musical Instruments Song
Numbers 1 to 10 Song
Bouncing Shapes Song

Cat Song

Cow Song

Crocodile Song

Duck Song

Elephant Song

Goat Song

Hickory Dickory Dock

Horse Song

I'm A Little Teapot Song

Itsy Bitsy Spider Song

Kangaroo Song

Lion Song

Pig Song

Polar Bear Song

Sheep Song

Whale Song

Zebra Song

Watch the game

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