Mickey's Farm Fun Fair Get A Blue Ribbon

CHIP: Maybe we can do something,
Mickey's Farm Fun Fair Get A Blue Ribbon
Dale. DALE:I say we can, Chip! Let's go! CHIP AND DALE: Pete! Ring the bell! Ring the bell! PETE: You got it, pals! CHIP AND DALE: Up, up we go!PETE: Yowza! DONALD DUCK: Slow down, you big peach!
Slow down, you big peach
CHIP AND DALE: Incoming! Yippee! That was close! DONALD DUCK: I know! DAISY: This isn't goody-good! The giant peach is heading for the barn! MINNIE: Oh, no! MICKEY MOUSE: This is a job for the clickety-clack tractor! Gotcha! WILLIE THE GIANT: Uh, nice catch, Mickey! MICKEY MOUSE: Thanks, Willie! WILLIE THE GIANT: Duh. Can I still get a blue ribbon?
Can I still get a blue ribbon
MICKEY MOUSE: Why, sure! Today, everybody gets a blue ribbon. WILLIE THE GIANT: Oh, goody-goody-goody! Duh. I got a blue ribbon! I got a blue ribbon! MINNIE: What nice blue ribbons. DAISY: Oh, goody! MINNIE: Thank you, Mickey. PETE: Oh, this is swell!
this is swell
CHIP: Say, Mickey, you didn't forget about us. CHIP AND DALE: Did you? MICKEY MOUSE: Nope! You fellas get extra-special blue ribbons. Not only for having fun, but for saving Donald! DONALD DUCK: Yeah! Thanks for everything! CHIP AND DALE: You're welcome, Donald! MICKEY MOUSE: And thank you, too. Without you, the Farm Fun Fair would've been no fun at all. And here's something else that's fun to do. Stand up and let's do the hot dog dance! Watch Get A Blue Ribbon video
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