Mickey's Farm Fun Fair Veggie and Fruit Contest

MICKEY MOUSE: And the fun just keeps on coming,
Mickey's Farm Fun Fair Veggie and Fruit Contest
Goof. Because now, make way for the big veggie and fruit contest! MINNIE: Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear! MICKEY MOUSE: What's wrong, Minnie? MINNIE: My prize tomato needs water.
MINNIE: My prize tomato needs water
But every time I fill my sprinkling can, the water leaks out. What am I going to do? MICKEY MOUSE: Aw. Don't worry. The clickety-clack tractor has plenty of water. Wuh-oh! It's all out of water! Gee, maybe there's a mouseketool that can help us. Everybody say ALL: Oh, Toodles! TOODLES: Head-head-heads up, partners! MICKEY MOUSE: All that's left is the mystery mouseketool. Everybody say, "mystery mouseketool!" ALL: Mystery mouseketool! MICKEY MOUSE: What's today's mystery mouseketool? DAISY: Ooh! It's bubbles the elephant!
It's bubbles the elephant
MICKEY MOUSE: We picked all our mouseketools! Say "super cheers!" MINNIE: Bubbles, over here. Thank you, bubbles! You saved my prize tomato. CLARABELLE: Stupendous! Now, let's start the big veggie and fruit contest!
let's start the big veggie and fruit contest
DAISY: Say hello to my kooky cauliflower! GOOFY: I've been growing old corny here ever since he was a baby corn! PETE: Check out my pumpkin, Petey fans! Whoa. Hey! What's going on? Wow-za! It's Willie the Giant!
It's Willie the Giant
WILLIE THE GIANT: Duh. Howdy, little, itty-bitty buddies. GOOFY: Gosh! That sure is a peach of a peach you got there. WILLIE THE GIANT: Yeah! And it's big, too! Just like me! Oopsie! Oh, beans! DONALD DUCK: Help! MINNIE: Oh, my! We've got to help Donald!
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