S01E05 Tokyo Go Mickey Mouse Film


S01E05 Tokyo Go where on his way to work at a children's train station in Tokyo, Japan, Mickey accidentally boards the wrong bullet train and must get to his regular bullet train.

Guest star: Hira Ambrosino

At the end of this episode, there is a picture of Walt Disney in the cab of a train at Disneyland

Voice cast

Chris Diamantopoulos as Mickey Mouse. Instead of the current voice actor for Mickey, Bret Iwan, Diamantopoulos voices Mickey. Russi Taylor as Minnie Mouse and Huey, Dewey, and Louie. Tony Anselmo as Donald Duck. Bill Farmer as Goofy and Pluto. Tress MacNeille as Daisy Duck and Chip. Jim Cummings as Pete. Corey Burton as Ludwig Von Drake and Dale. April Winchell as Clarabelle Cow. Alan Young (2015-2016) and John Kassir (2016-2019) as Scrooge McDuck.


Series directed by Paul Rudish, David Wasson, Eddie Trigueros, Clay Morrow, Alonso Ramirez Ramos, Aaron Springer, Dave Thomas, William Reiss, Chris Savino, Heiko Von Drengenberg.

Written by Mark Ackland, Darrick Bachman, Mike Bell, Robin Budd, Matt Chapman, Heiko Von Drengenberg, Derek Dressler, Riccardo Durante, David Gemmill, Chris Houghton, Robin Kingsland, Craig Lewis, Cindy Morrow, Bernie Petterson, Joe Pitt, Richard Pursel, Alonso Ramirez Ramos, William Reiss, Paul Rudish, Chris Savino, Aaron Springer, Andy Suriano, Dave Tennant, Aliki Theofilopoulos, Dave Thomas, Eddie Trigueros, David Wasson.

Produced by Paul Rudish, Todd Popp, Jacob W. Fleming, Monica Mitchell, Daniel Ridgers.

Music by Christopher Willis.

Film editing by Illya Owens, Tony Molina.

Casting by David Wright Jennifer Trujillo.

Production design by Treasure Rawson, John Jacob Earl.

Art direction by Joseph Holt, Justin Martin, Jennifer C. Baker, David Wasson, Clay Morrow, William Reiss, Heiko Von Drengenberg, Bernie Petterson.

Production management by John Jihoon Chang, Suzannah Szabo, Mark Bollinger, Michael Giammarese, Ron Earhart, James Hathcock, Todd Popp, Pietro Piumetti, Steve Lininger, Denise Kress, Eric Coleman, Lisa Salamone Smith.

Animation department by Graham MacDonald, Chris Hacker, Carlo Nicoletta, Justin Martin, Jennifer C. Baker, Chris Roszak, Lisa Souza, Tara Billinger, Andy Suriano, Stephen DeStefano, Wendy Park, Ivan Aguirre, Juan Garrido, Narina Sokolova, Ed Li, Trevor Simonsen, Bill Flores, Patrick O'Connor, Bryan Arnett, Justin Parpan, Kali Fontecchio, Cameron Thompson, Donna Prince, Rae McCarson, Matt Said, Robin Police, Valerio Ventura, Charlene Moncrief, Jeff Palm, Sean Jimenez, Aaron Spurgeon, Plamen Christov, Bruno Fournier, Mike Inman, Joseph Holt, Mansour Alblooshi, Chris Tsirgiotis, Andy Bialk, Alonso Ramirez Ramos, Heiko Von Drengenberg, Ryan MacNeil, Serapio Calm, Alex Chechik, Stephen Nicodemus, Gregory Verreault, Justin K. Thompson, Richard Daskas, Alex Kirwan, Allyn Conley, Stephan DeStephano, Brian Johnson, Carol Kieffer Police, Sai Ping Lok, Eddie Trigueros, Bill Wray, Pamela Palma, William Wray.

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