Sofia the First Dragons Smoke Wings and Fire song

SOFIA: Show. What show?
Watch Sofia the First Dragons Smoke Wings and Fire song performed by John Michael Higgins, Gary Anthony Williams, Mick Wingert, Sam Riegel
HOBWING: Relax. NITELITE: Get comfortable. SMOKELEE: Have a seat. ALL DRAGONS: pap pap parap pap parap pap
NITELITE: tigidind tigidind tigidind tigidind
HOBWING: pap pap parap pap parap pap parap
SMOKELEE: pap pap parap pap parap pap parap
♪ Our name is smoke wings and fire
♪ And we're here to inspire
♪ You've never seen or heard
You've never seen or heard
♪ Such a combustible choir
♪ Our rhythms are sizzling
♪ You're sure to perspire
♪ Our scorching beat
♪ Will bring the heat
♪ 'Cause we're smoke wings and fire!
ALL DRAGONS: ♪ Smoke wings and fire!
ALL DRAGONS: Smoke wings and fire!

♪ Yeah!
♪ Once our wings are flapping
♪ Our tunes are smoking hot
♪ Your toes will start a-tapping
♪ Our vocals hit the spot
♪ So if your ears are burning
♪ And smoke gets in your eyes
♪ It's probably 'cause we're turning around
It's probably 'cause we're turning around
♪ Way too close to you guys
PRINCESS AMBER: Ohh! We don't have time for this.
SOFIA: We don't have a choice. We need them to tell us where Everburn is or I'll never get my amulet back.
♪ Our sound is amazing
Our sound is amazing
♪ You've got to admire
♪ Our smoke and wings and tails and claws
♪ And dragon things like scales and paws
♪ we're smoke wings
♪ Smoke wings and fire
♪ Fire, fire, fire, fire!
SMOKELEE: Thank you!
HOBWING: Thank you!
FLAMBEAU: Thank you!
NITELITE: Thank you!
ALL DRAGONS: Thank you!
FLAMBEAU: Ha ha! And now for our next number. SOFIA: Um, excuse me. We really need to find Everburn. FLAMBEAU: Oh, well, we only have three... SMOKELEE: or four... HOBWING: or five... FLAMBEAU: More songs in our set.
More songs in our set
NITELITE: Plus the encore. FLAMBEAU: Then we'll bring you to Everburn. SOFIA: Ohh. PRINCESS AMBER: Okay. But can we make requests?
can we make requests
HOBWING: A request? NITELITE: Can we? FLAMBEAU: Well, sure. We can sing... HOBWING: ...anything! PRINCESS AMBER: Can you sing a song about Everburn?
Can you sing a song about Everburn
FLAMBEAU: Of course we can. On three, fellas. And a-one and a-two and a... SMOKELEE:
♪ Everburn, Everburn, Everburn...
PRINCESS AMBER: Shh! Just let them sing. I know what I'm doing.
♪ Everburn, Everburn,
♪ ever-ever Everburn, Everburn ever
♪ Everburn
♪ He's the oldest dragon in the land
♪ A fiery beast who is in demand
♪ You see his flames burning oh so bright
♪ Down in the second cave on the right
♪ On the right, on the right
♪ His name is...
SOFIA: Did you hear that?
SOFIA: Did you hear that
They said where he is!
PRINCESS AMBER: That was the plan.
SOFIA: Let's go.
♪ What a feller Everburn
♪ Quite the melter
♪ The one and only...
SOFIA: Mr. Cedric!
♪ His name is Everburn
♪ Everburn
SMOKELEE: Where did they go?
FLAMBEAU: I thought we were sounding really good.
NITELITE: We were on fire!
SMOKELEE: Smoking!
Watch Sofia the First Dragons Smoke Wings and Fire song video

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