Sofia the First get the amulet back

CLOVER: That's it!
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Now drop it! BAILEYWICK: Find constable Myles and tell him to have the castle guard stop whatever they're doing and catch every butterfly they can find. GUARD: We'll tell the constable right away. CLOVER: Oh, this isn't looking good. EVERBURN: It was my choice to step down. You know, I figured why wait till they push you, but, boy, let me tell you, I had a firm grip on this place. PRINCESS IVY: In all my travels, I have never met a creature as powerful and fearsome as you, Everburn. EVERBURN: Well, the fact is I am pretty fearsome. You know, back in my day I could vaporize a castle with one nostril.
I could vaporize a castle with one nostril
It was a sight to behold. I have some awards, but I don't display them. SOFIA: We're not too late. We just have to figure out a way for you to get the amulet back.
a way for you to get the amulet back
PRINCESS AMBER: Without getting zapped by one of her dragonflies. SOFIA: Right. Maybe we can distract her. PRINCESS AMBER: With what? PRINCESS IVY: It would be such a personal thrill to see your world-famous dragon fire in action.
to see your world-famous dragon fire in action
But if you're too tuckered out, I understand... EVERBURN: Tuckered out? No. No, no, no, no. You came to see the old Everburn fire, That's what you're gonna see. PRINCESS IVY: I knew you wouldn't let me down. EVERBURN: Just got to warm up the pipes. PRINCESS AMBER: We need to do something. SOFIA: I have an idea. Mr. Cedric, can you conjure up a flock of birds? CEDRIC: Of course I can, but what good will that do? EVERBURN: Those butterflies, they're so pretty, you know. I don't want to incinerate them. Yeah, in the back, behind you. There you go. SOFIA: Just do it. Now. CEDRIC: Aviaris centurio! EVERBURN: First butterflies, now birds, what do you think this is, a Zoo?
First butterflies, now birds, what do you think this is, a Zoo
PRINCESS IVY: They're not mine. Stay away from my darlings! You're scaring them! SOFIA: Amber, you get the amulet while Mr. Cedric and I distract her.
you get the amulet while Mr. Cedric and I distract her
Come on! EVERBURN: Here we go. Here we go. SOFIA: Princess Ivy! PRINCESS IVY: You again? I warned you to stay out of my way and one warning is all you get. SOFIA: Keep Mr. Cedric! CEDRIC: Why? It's only a few bugs. SOFIA: Mr. Cedric! CEDRIC: What's going on? Where am I? PRINCESS AMBER: I got it!
SOFIA: Yes! PRINCESS AMBER: We broke the curse! PRINCESS IVY: Hmm. Are you sure about that? CEDRIC: Oh. What curse? EVERBURN: Curse? Someone's cursed? SOFIA: She was. PRINCESS IVY: And apparently, still is. Because I am still here. PRINCESS AMBER: She's right! It didn't work! The curse isn't broken! SOFIA: Mr. Cedric, you said that if Amber got the amulet back to me, it would break the curse. CEDRIC: I did? When? SOFIA: I guess giving it back to me wasn't enough.
I guess giving it back to me wasn't enough
PRINCESS AMBER: But what else can we do? PRINCESS IVY: You can hand over the amulet so I can destroy it once and for all. I won't be sent back to that island prison. Especially when I have a kingdom to take over. CEDRIC: Aah! You're trying to take over the kingdom? EVERBURN: No one said anything about taking over any kingdoms. PRINCESS IVY: Ahh! I'm going to tell you all what I told my sister a long, long time ago. Everything will be a whole lot easier if you just give me what I want. PRINCESS AMBER: Run, Sofia! SOFIA: Come on, mr. Cedric! PRINCESS IVY: Stop them! SOFIA: Amber! PRINCESS IVY: There's nowhere to run now. You should have listened to me when you had the chance. Fetch me that amulet. EVERBURN: Hmm. You leave those nice girls alone or I'm gonna start roastin' butterflies. PRINCESS IVY: Well, since you put it that way. To the castle, darlings. We'll come back for the amulet later.
We'll come back for the amulet later
It's not like they're going anywhere. EVERBURN: She's gone now. You're safe. SOFIA: Thanks, Everburn! EVERBURN: Call me Burny. PRINCESS AMBER: Can you get us out of here, Burny? EVERBURN: Sure thing. Uh, you know, ladies, we do have specialists for this sort of thing. Uh, two seconds. I'll be right back. PRINCESS AMBER: What if he can't find a dragon small enough? SOFIA: Mr. Cedric! Are you still up there? CEDRIC: Yes? SOFIA: Can you cast a floating spell to lift us up? CEDRIC: Of course. As soon as I find my wand. SOFIA: What are we supposed to do? Just wait here while Ivy goes back and takes over our castle? I never should have trusted you, Amber. PRINCESS AMBER: Sofia? SOFIA: What? PRINCESS AMBER: You're right. I've been a terrible sister and now everything's messed up and I tried to fix it, but I couldn't. I'm sorry. SOFIA: You know, that's the first time you've apologized
that's the first time you've apologized
for any of this. PRINCESS AMBER: I'm sorry for that, too. SOFIA: But what are we going to do, Amber? And what about mom and dad and James? What's going to happen to them? PRINCESS AMBER: Ohh. The amulet's glowing does that mean the curse is broken?
The amulet's glowing does that mean the curse is broken
SOFIA: No. Look. BOTH: Rapunzel! RAPUNZEL: It looks like you two could use a lift!
RAPUNZEL: It looks like you two could use a lift
Here, climb on up! SOFIA: Thank you, Rapunzel. RAPUNZEL: We princesses have to stick together. So how did you wind up down there? SOFIA: An evil princess is trying to take over our kingdom. PRINCESS AMBER: Can you stop her? RAPUNZEL: Evil women pretending to be my mother, I can handle. Evil princesses, I'm not so sure. DRAGONS: Help has arrived!
Help has arrived
EVERBURN: Sorry, ladies, I would have been here sooner, but they made me sit through the show. How can we help? SOFIA: Well, we could use a ride back to the castle. CEDRIC: Found it! SOFIA: I'm ready for takeoff, Burny. PRINCESS AMBER: Whoa! I'm not ready for takeoff! PRINCESS AMBER: Rapunzel, I need to tell you something. I'm the reason Princess Ivy is here. It's a curse for taking Sofia's amulet. RAPUNZEL: Oh, so you stole it? PRINCESS AMBER: Yes, I did. And I thought giving it back would undo the curse, but it didn't work.
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