Daisy's Pony Tale | Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

MICKEY MOUSE: Oh, boy! I sure am happy to see you because everyday is a new adventure at the Clubhouse.
Daisy's Pony Tale | Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
GOOFY: Hear ye! Hear ye! Her royal highness, Princess Daisy. DAISY: Thank you, Sir Goofs-a-lot. MICKEY MOUSE: Aw, Goofy? Daisy? DAISY: Hi Mickey, we're playing dress up.
Hi Mickey, we're playing dress up
See, I'm as pretty as a princess. GOOFY: And I'm as pretty as a knight in shiny armor! MICKEY MOUSE: Oh! Now I'm dressed up, too. PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: Whoopity-doo! I have done it! I have done it! Whoo-hoo! MICKEY MOUSE: Hiya, Professor! PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: Hello there, everybody. Whoo. Very nice with the outfits.
Very nice with the outfits
What am I doing here? To show you my latest, greatest invention. The Von Drake fritzer-spritzer spray potions. Patent pending. DAISY: Ooh. What do the sprays do, Professor? PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: I am glad that you asked.
I am glad that you asked
All right. So now, which fritzer-spritzer spray is which? GOOFY: I wonder what this spray does. MICKEY MOUSE: Uh, Goofy, be careful. GOOFY: I'll spritz it on my shield and see. Whoa, whoa, whoa. DAISY: Oh, my. PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: Oh. MICKEY MOUSE: Oh. GOOFY: Huh? DAISY: Oh. What's happening? PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: Oh, that is what I forgot to remember. The yellow fritzer-spritzer spray potion is making things grow! DAISY: Wow! Look at my ponytail! Watch Daisy's Pony Tale video

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