Fun Fair Treat | Clubhouse

MICKEY MOUSE: But I bet he could slide down on the giant bendy straw.
Fun Fair Treat | Clubhouse
We've got ears, say cheers! PETE: Aw. You're safe now, pal! DONALD DUCK: It's always something. CLARABELLE: Attention, friends! CLARABELLE [singing]: Now it's time for something sweet a special Farm Fun Fair treat
a special Farm Fun Fair treat
It's the bake-off you've all been waiting for We've got pies and cakes and plenty more CLARABELLE: Introducing the latest in yummy treats, it's Minnie's Minnie-mini carrot cakes! Yes, we have bananas, Thanks to Daisy's beautiful banana bread!
Daisy's beautiful banana bread
Ooh! Take a look at this delightful delight from Chip and Dale, the nutty nut-cake! And last but not least, let me present my latest creation... CLARABELLE [singing]: Mooosical moo muffins They're very mooosical, you see
They're very mooosical, you see
When you take a bite they play a tune that goes... Do-re-mi MINNIE: Oh, dear! That little egg could get squished! DAISY: Clarabelle! Look out! CLARABELLE: Oh! Goodness me! Oh, say it isn't so! Somebody save my moo muffins! MICKEY MOUSE: I know just the somebody who can help you, Clarabelle. Everybody say: oh, Toodles! ALL: Oh, Toodles! TOODLES: It's me, me, me to the rescue! MICKEY MOUSE: OK, we have the handy fishing pole.
we have the handy fishing pole
CLARABELLE: Go for it, Mickey! We can fish for my precious moo muffins! Hurry! MICKEY MOUSE: We've got ears, say "cheers!" Come to Mickey, moo muffins! CLARABELLE: A million thanks to you, Mickey. My muffins are still good enough to eat. Have a moosical moo muffin, everyone. GOOFY: Boy, that was do-re-mi-licious. DONALD DUCK: And fun!
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