Sven Frozen Disney Reindeer

Sven is a fictional character from Disney's Frozen franchiseSven is a fictional character from
Disney's Frozen franchise a funny reindeer that lives together with his companion, Kristoff.

Sven description
Sven description
Sven is a non-speaking funny reindeer, who has been a companion to Kristoff since they were young. Kristoff understands what Sven communicates through his facial expressions and movements, and he sometimes voices Sven's thoughts. The two of them travel together to the kingdom of Arendelle on the coronation day of Queen Elsa. In the forest near Arendelle, they subsequently meet princess Anna who asks them to take her to the North Mountain. On their way, Sven and Kristoff lose their sled after being chased by wolves, but Sven convinces Kristoff to continue helping Anna nonetheless. Later, they meet a talking snowman, Olaf, who offers to guide them. Soon after they leave Anna in her maids' care, Sven shows his intention to return along with Kristoff to her. They immediately start heading toward Arendelle once they realize Anna is in danger on account of a snowstorm that is forming. On the frozen fjord near Arendelle, Sven then saves Kristoff from falling into the icy water. Because of their actions throughout the story, Sven and the others help overcome Hans, the evil acting leader of Arendelle, and contribute to Anna's permanent reunion with Elsa and to Elsa being able to bring summer back in the end. As a result, Elsa awards a medal to Sven, and Anna offers him and Kristoff a new sled.

Sven family
Kristoff (companion), Bulda (adoptive mother), Grand Pabbie (adoptive grandfather), Rock Trolls (adoptive family).

Character sound effects
Frank Welker

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