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BOB PARR (former superhero relocated as average citizen): Well, yeah, but...
VIOLET PARR (Parrs' daughter able to turn invisible and project impact-resistant force-fields): Aren't you glad we helped today?
BOB PARR: Yeah, I know but...
VIOLET PARR: You said that you were proud of us.
BOB PARR: Well, yeah, I was. Am!
DASHIELL DASH PARR: We wanna fight bad guys!DASHIELL DASH PARR: We wanna fight bad guys!
HELEN PARR (Bob's wife): No, you don't!
VIOLET PARR: You said things were different now.
HELEN PARR: And they were, on the island. But I didn't mean that from now on...
VIOLET PARR: So now, we've gotta go back to never using our powers.
DASHIELL DASH PARR (fourth-grader second child, possessing super-speed): It defines who I am.
BOB PARR: We're not saying you have...What?
DASHIELL DASH PARR: Someone on TV said it.
HELEN PARR: Can we just eat? The dinner, while it's hot?
DASHIELL DASH PARR (fourth-grader second child, possessing super-speed): Did we do something wrong?
BOB PARR: No. We didn't do anything wrong.
HELEN PARR: Superheroes are illegal. Whether it's fair or not, that's the law.
BOB PARR: The law should be fair. What are we teaching our kids? Incredibles 2 movie transcript picture: What are we teaching our kids?
HELEN PARR: To respect the law!
BOB PARR: Even when the law is disrespectful?
HELEN PARR: If laws are unjust, there are laws to change them! Otherwise, it's chaos!
BOB PARR: Which is exactly what we have!
VIOLET PARR: I just thought it was kinda cool.
HELEN PARR: What was?
VIOLET PARR: Fighting crime as a family.
HELEN PARR: It was cool. But it's over. The world is what it is. We have to adapt.

DASHIELL DASH PARR: Are things bad?
HELEN PARR: Things are fine.
DASHIELL DASH PARR: May I be excused?
VIOLET PARR: How much longer in the motel, Dad?
HELEN PARR: Not much longer, honey.
HELEN PARR: What are we gonna do?
BOB PARR: I don't know. Maybe Dicker will find something?
HELEN PARR: Dicker is done, Bob. Any thought we had about being Supers again is fantasy. One of us has gotta get a job BOB PARR: One of us?
HELEN PARR: You did a long stint at Insuricare.
BOB PARR: Hated every minute of it.
HELEN PARR: I know it was hard on you. Maybe it's my turn in the private sector and you take care of the kids...
BOB PARR: No, I'm doing this. I need to do this. You know where my suit and ties are?
HELEN PARR: Burned up when...
BOTH: The jet destroyed our house.
HELEN PARR: Yeah. We can't count on anyone else now, Bob. It's just us. We can't wait for...
LUCIUS BEST: No lifeguard on duty! Swim at your own risk.
BOB PARR: Oh, where'd you go today? I noticed you missed all the missed all the fun
LUCIUS BEST (formerly Frozone, Bob's friend with whom performs vigilante work): Don't be mad because I know when to leave a party. I'm just as illegal as you guys. Besides, I knew the cops would let you go.
HELEN PARR: Yeah, in spite of Bob's best efforts.
BOB PARR: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
LUCIUS BEST: I heard the program shut down. How much longer are you in this motel?How much longer are you in this motel?
BOB PARR: Two weeks.
LUCIUS BEST: Now, you know the offer still stands.
HELEN PARR: You're very generous, but there are five of us. We wouldn't do that to you and Honey.
LUCIUS BEST: Well, door's always open. You know, the news isn't all bad. While you guys were being detained I was approached by a dude who represents this tycoon.a dude who represents this tycoon
BOB PARR: Winston Deavor
LUCIUS BEST: Wants to talk with me, with you two, about hero stuff. I checked him out. He's legit. Trained under Dicker. He wants to meet.
HELEN PARR: Ah, jeez! More superhero trouble. We just came from the police station, Lucius. BOB PARR: When?
LUCIUS BEST: Tonight. I'm going there now.
HELEN PARR: You enjoy, I'm sitting this one out.
LUCIUS BEST: He wants all three of us.
BOB PARR: Honey, let's just at least hear what he has to say.hear what he has to say
LUCIUS BEST: You got the address, I'll meet you guys there.
HELEN PARR: Go in our Supersuits?
LUCIUS BEST: Yeah. Might wanna wear the old Supersuits. Got a feeling he's nostalgic.


At one 1 h and 58 minutes, this is not only the longest Pixar film to date, but also the longest computer-animated feature film to date (beating Cars (2006), which runs for 1 h and 57 minutes).

Writer and director Brad Bird had stated over the years that he would only do a sequel to The Incredibles (2004) if he could come up with a story that was just as good as, or better than, its predecessor. The idea of Bob (Mr. Incredible) becoming a stay-at-home dad, while Helen (Elastigirl) becomes the breadwinner was there from the beginning, but it took several years for Bird to come up with the perfect story around which to write this idea.


Frozone's wife Honey does not appear on-screen. She is only heard yelling at her husband from off camera as he runs off to don his super suit and help the Parr Family, again just like last time. According to Writer and Director Brad Bird, Honey was initially going to appear on-screen, and she even got her own character design, but ultimately they decided it would be funnier if she remained off-screen. The character design for Honey would still be used for a background character.

A typo on the movie theater marquee shown towards the end of the movie reads "A113", one of the most famous recurring Easter Eggs. Several Pixar producers and animators studied at California Institute of the Arts in classroom A113 and this number appears in every Pixar film.

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