Sofia the First how to drive a flying coach

PRINCESS AMBER: Me? Oh, I can't go to fiery cliffs full of dragons and chase down an evil princess! Who do you think I am? CEDRIC: Oh, let's see. Watch Sofia the First how to drive a flying coach feature The curse of Princess Ivy with Princesses Sofia and Amber, Princess Ivy, Cedric
The person who caused the problem in the first place?
SOFIA: You got us into this mess, Amber. And you're the only one who can get us out. PRINCESS AMBER: Oh. CEDRIC: I'm afraid she's right. PRINCESS AMBER: Ohh! All right. I'll do it. But I'm going to need help. SOFIA: I'll go with you. CEDRIC: And so shall I. We cannot let Ivy have my, our, your amulet. SOFIA: She took our coach!
She took our coach
PRINCESS IVY: Upward and onward! PRINCESS AMBER: It's okay. We can take one of the old coaches. Come on. CLOVER: Oh! Sofia! There you are. Something strange is going on. Butterflies are turning everything black and white. Sofia? Aw, she doesn't have her amulet. What? Okay, what-naught. Looks like it's up to us to save our veggies. And the whole castle, too. PRINCESS AMBER: Here they are. SOFIA: Oh! Guess we'll take this one.
Guess we'll take this one
PRINCESS AMBER: But who's going to drive it? Cedric, can you fly a coach? CEDRIC: I am a sorcerer, not a chauffeur.
I am a sorcerer, not a chauffeur
PRINCESS AMBER: Then how are we going to get there? I don't know about this. You don't know how to drive a flying coach.
You don't know how to drive a flying coach
SOFIA: It can't be too different than riding a flying horse, can it? CEDRIC: Actually, I'm pretty sure it could. SOFIA: Maybe there are some instructions?
Maybe there are some instructions
PRINCESS AMBER: Check the glove box. SOFIA: Oh, a map. We could use that. Instructions! Great. Oh, it's a manual shift.
it's a manual shift
Interesting. PRINCESS AMBER: Interesting good or interesting bad? SOFIA: Well, we're about to find out. Yah! CEDRIC: Oh! The coach isn't taking off! PRINCESS AMBER: We're not going to make it. SOFIA: Rear wings out! Next stop: The blazing palisades! CEDRIC: Are we there yet? SOFIA: I think so! Look! The blazing palisades! PRINCESS AMBER: Is that dragon-fire? CEDRIC: Yes. The dragons live in small caves near the top of the cliffs.
The dragons live in small caves near the top of the cliffs
SOFIA: There's Princess Ivy's coach! I hope we're not too late. CEDRIC: I hope you know how to land this thing!
I hope you know how to land this thing
SOFIA: I don't! PRINCESS AMBER: Slow! Slow down! SOFIA: We'd better hurry.
We'd better hurry
PRINCESS AMBER: Wait. We have to climb all the way up there? SOFIA: Yes, Amber. And since you're the reason Princess Ivy is here it would be nice if you'd stop complaining and try to help us get my amulet back. PRINCESS AMBER: I am trying. It's just really steep. Oh! She's really mad at me. CEDRIC: Well, you did take her amulet. My sister used to steal things from me all the time and it was infuriating. But I'm sure princess Sofia will get over it. I never did, but I'm sure she will. PRINCESS AMBER: I've got to make it up to her. I can do this.
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