Sofia the First The Floating Palace

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PRINCESS AMBER: Sofia, there you are!
You have to come out to the terrace this instant. PRINCESS SOFIA: I'll be right there. I'm almost done with this story
I'm almost done with this story
. PRINCESS AMBER: Finish it later. Come on! PRINCESS SOFIA: What's so important? PRINCESS AMBER: You'll see. KING ROLAND II: Hello, ladies
Hello, ladies
. PRINCE JAMES: Dad, are we there yet? KING ROLAND II: We sure are. Welcome to Merroway Cove
Welcome to Merroway Cove
! QUEEN MIRANDA: Rollie, it's beautiful. KING ROLAND II: It's just as I remember it. My father brought me here when I was a boy. Remember, Baileywick? BAILEYWICK: All too well, your majesty. PRINCESS SOFIA: Are you okay, Baileywick? BAILEYWICK: Yes, Sofia. I'm just getting used to being on the water. QUEEN MIRANDA: What a perfect place to spend our summer vacation
What a perfect place to spend our
summer vacation. PRINCESS AMBER: Daddy, isn't Merroway Cove where the mermaids live? PRINCESS SOFIA: Mermaids? KING ROLAND II: I'm afraid those stories are just old fisherman's tales. Last time I was here, I didn't see any mermaids. And I looked, right Baileywick? BAILEYWICK: You did indeed. PRINCESS SOFIA: Maybe they stayed underwater. I'm reading a book about mermaids
I'm reading a book about mermaids
right now and it says a lot of times they only come up to the surface when they know humans aren't looking. ADMIRAL HORNPIPE: Nonsense! KING ROLAND II: Admiral Hornpipe! ADMIRAL HORNPIPE: I have sailed the seventeen seas, and seen all manner of creatures, but not one single mermaid. The truth of the matter is, there is no truth to the matter. Mermaids are not real. PRINCESS SOFIA: But it says so in the book. KING ROLAND II: Not all stories are true, Sofia
Not all stories are true, Sofia
. ADMIRAL HORNPIPE: Right. Now who wants to go up to the wheelhouse and help me sail across this lovely cove? KING ROLAND II and PRINCE JAMES: I do! I do! ADMIRAL HORNPIPE: Well, off course you do. Tally-ho! KING ROLAND II: Come along, everyone. CLOVER THE RABBIT: Lunch is now being served on the lido deck. Mmm. Blueberries a la Clover
Blueberries a la Clover
! PRINCESS SOFIA: Clover! CLOVER THE RABBIT: Hey, princess! PRINCESS SOFIA: You're supposed to be back at the castle. CLOVER THE RABBIT: Surprise! PRINCESS SOFIA: Stay there. I'm coming down. CEDRIC: The princess may be on vacation but there's no rest for the wicked, Wormy. Not when there's a kingdom to take over. And we won't even need princess Sofia's amulet to do it because I found another way. The Mermaid Comb of Merroway Cove. According the legend, the mermaids that live in the bottom of this cove have a magical comb
the mermaids that live in the bottom of this cove have a magical comb
that can harness the power of the ocean like this! If I can get my hands on that comb, the entire kingdom will bow at my feet. Stop lounging around, Wormy. It's time to go fishing for mermaids
It's time to go fishing for mermaids
. PRINCESS SOFIA: So how'd you get on board? CLOVER THE RABBIT: Well, I was taking a nap in one of the boxes in the castle kitchen, when I woke up, I was here. Oops. But that's cool, because I could use a vacation. I could see it now lying on a beach, sipping on a coconut ... PRINCESS SOFIA: Did you see that? CLOVER THE RABBIT: See what? PRINCESS SOFIA: Let's look from the swimming platform
Let's look from the swimming platform
. CLOVER THE RABBIT: Look for what? Sofia? PRINCESS SOFIA: Huh? CLOVER THE RABBIT: What are you looking for? PRINCESS SOFIA: I thought I saw. CLOVER THE RABBIT: Saw what? PRINCESS SOFIA: Uh, a mermaid. CLOVER THE RABBIT: Ha! Mermaid. Oh, you're serious. I'm sorry. PRINCESS SOFIA: It's okay. I guess they are just stories. BOTH: Huh? CLOVER THE RABBIT: What was that? PRINCESS SOFIA: A mermaid! Where'd she go? MERMAID PRINCESS OONA: Oh! CLOVER THE RABBIT: Be careful, princess! PRINCESS SOFIA: Stop! You're just getting yourself more tangled. Here! Take my hand. Hold still. MERMAID PRINCESS OONA: Thank you. PRINCESS SOFIA: You're welcome, my name is Sofia
You're welcome, my name is Sofia
. What's yours? MERMAID PRINCESS OONA: I'm Oona. PRINCESS SOFIA: You're a mermaid. MERMAID PRINCESS OONA: Yeah, I am. CLOVER THE RABBIT: And I'm Clover. MERMAID PRINCESS OONA: Hello, Clover. What're you? CLOVER THE RABBIT: I'm a blue ribbon bunny, baby. PRINCESS SOFIA: Oh! Mermaids can talk to animals? MERMAID PRINCESS OONA: Of course. Can't humans? PRINCESS SOFIA: Not usually. MERMAID PRINCESS OONA: This is some boat you have. PRINCESS SOFIA: It's a floating palace
It's a floating palace
. MERMAID PRINCESS OONA: I saw it enter the cove. I've never seen anything like it. Does your necklace always glow like that? PRINCESS SOFIA: Oh! It only glows once in a while. It's enchanted. MERMAID PRINCESS OONA: Hey! So's my comb! PRINCESS SOFIA: Really? MERMAID PRINCESS OONA: At least that's what my mom says. But she won't tell me what it's powers are, because she says I'm not old enough yet. Oh, I'd better go. PRINCESS SOFIA: Why?
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