Mickey loves to hear music Clubhouse

MICKEY MOUSE: We're here. The Mouse Eared Mystery.
The Mouse Eared Mystery
Come on, everybody. DAISY: It's even more mysterious in person. MINNIE: Oh, my! It's too dark in there. We can't see. MICKEY MOUSE: Oh, I think we need a mouseketool to give us some light. Everybody say: oh, toodles! ALL: Oh, toodles! TOODLES: Kansas City Mickey
TOODLES: Kansas City Mickey
, I presume? MICKEY MOUSE: All we have left is the mystery mouseketool. Everybody say: mystery mouseketool! ALL: Mystery mouseketool! MICKEY MOUSE: And today's mystery mouseketool is... a miner's helmet. Just what we need! We picked all our mouseketools. Say: super cheers! Wow! DONALD DUCK: Mickey! Mickey. Mickey... Over here. MINNIE: Oh, look, Donald found a light switch.
Donald found a light switch
GOOFY: Golly gee gosh a willikers. This place sure has lots of elbow room. DONALD DUCK: Hey, it's gold. DAISY: Donald's right, the floor is gold. MICKEY MOUSE: Take a look at this. More pictures. DAISY: I recognize some of these.
DAISY: I recognize some of these
Here's the heart, the ear, and the musical note. And this is... The number two. And, gosh, this first picture is me! GOOFY: What does it all mean? MICKEY MOUSE: It's some kind of message. Come on, let's figure it out together. This picture is me, Mickey.
This picture is me, Mickey
And the heart means... Love. And here's the number two. So far, the message says: Mickey loves to... Now, this is the ear. What do ears do? Right! They hear. So, now the message says: Mickey loves to hear... What's this? Music. So, the message says: Mickey loves to hear music.
the message says: Mickey loves to hear music
ECHOING: Mickey loves to hear music! DAISY: Whoa! This can't be goody-good. MICKEY MOUSE: OK, adventurers, when we reach the door, jump when I say: jump! jump! ALL: Whee! MINNIE: Kansas City Mickey, what is going on with the Mouse Eared Mystery? MICKEY MOUSE: I think I figured it out.

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