Picture clues for mouseketools Clubhouse

MICKEY MOUSE: Oh, wow! Instead of mouseketools, we got something different.
we got something different
PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: That's right. These pictures, called pictograms, are clues. Each one is giving us a clue to the kind of mouseketools we're gonna need to help us. MICKEY MOUSE: Let's see, we have a picture of an ear.
a picture of an ear
MINNIE [singing]: A picture of a musical note! DAISY: A picture of a heart. How sweet! MICKEY MOUSE: And the mystery mouseketool. That's a surprise tool that can help us later. MICKEY MOUSE: Toodles has the tools! The Mouseketools! So when we need them toodles will bring them! He's here for meedles and youdles. And all we have to say is: Oh, toodles! All we have to say is: Oh, toodles! DAISY: Oh, goody-goody! Picture clues for mouseketools.
Picture clues for mouseketools
I love it! PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: Well, kids, if we're gonna solve a mystery this mysterious, we're gonna need a special kind of adventurer. One who's brave and... Oh, for crying out loud, who's making all that racket? GOOFY: Oh, boy! It's Kansas City Mickey!
It's Kansas City Mickey
ALL: Kansas City Mickey! Kansas City Mickey! He'll go down in history! MINNIE: If there's adventure, he'll be there! DAISY: For a mystery he'd go anywhere. GOOFY: He's a hero who always plays fair and square. ALL: Kansas City Mickey! Kansas City Mickey! He'll go down in history! MICKEY MOUSE: That's me! PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: Now, check out the scrambler's control panel, would you? You are seeing a map that's going to show you the way to the Mouse-Eared Mystery.
show you the way to the Mouse-Eared Mystery
First you going to go up snowy peak pass, all the way past wall a water falls. Then you gonna go into the hidden rainforest and through rocky gulch to echo-echo canyon-canyon. And next to that lies... the Mouse-Eared Mystery. MICKEY MOUSE: Thanks, professor. We've got everything we need. Now, it's adventure time. PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: Oh, that Kansas City Mickey. Quite a guy that is. Watch Picture clues for mouseketools video

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