The Wizard of Dizz Clubhouse day party

MICKEY MOUSE: Hi, everybody. I've been working hard decorating
I've been working hard decorating
the Clubhouse all day. You see, today is Clubhouse day. That's why I made this banner. It has a message on it. Here's what it says: this is a picture of all our Clubhouse friends. So that means all the friends. The heart means love
The heart means love
And this is a picture of the Clubhouse. So the message says, all the friends love the Clubhouse. Aw, we sure do. That's why everybody's coming over to celebrate Clubhouse day. Boy, there's still so much of the Clubhouse that needs to be decorated. Say, maybe Minnie can help. Oh, but she's making a special cake
making a special cake
for the party. You know, I can't wait to see it. Let's go take a peek in the kitchen. Gee, that's funny. No Minnie. MINNIE: Hi, Mickey. MICKEY MOUSE: Oh. Hiya, Minnie. MINNIE: Oh, my. What's all this? MICKEY MOUSE: Well, don't you remember? This is for the... DAISY: Hi, Mickey. We're right on time to help set up for the Clubhouse day party
help set up for the Clubhouse day party
. TOODLES: I brought a tablecloth with pink-pink-pink polka dots. GOOFY: Mmm, looks like everybody's here. DAISY: Everything looks great. But Minnie, I don't see your special cake. MINNIE: Well, you see, I... CLARABELLE: Dear girl, I hope you didn't forget it's Clubhouse day. MINNIE: Oh my, I did forget. And I didn't make my special cake. Oh, now I've disappointed everyone. MICKEY MOUSE: Aw, don't worry, Minnie. MINNIE: Oh, my! MICKEY MOUSE: It sure is getting windy today. PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: Hello there, all of you everyone
Hello there, all of you everyone
. Ooh, I see a great big whirling wind a-blowing in from the north. So, just to be safe, everybody should take shelter in the Clubhouse basement, down there. MICKEY MOUSE: Sure thing, professor. PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: Over and out, goodbye. MICKEY MOUSE: Come on everybody to the basement
MICKEY MOUSE: Come on everybody to the basement
. DONALD DUCK: Oh, boy. CLARABELLE: This is fun. PETE: Last one in is a flying monkey. TOODLES: Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! DAISY: Yippee! MINNIE: Oh, there goes my bow. MICKEY MOUSE: Uh-oh. After it, Pluto. Oh, gosh. It's a big whirly wind. Minnie, hurry. We've gotta get down to the basement. MINNIE: Oh, the wind is too strong. Whoa! Don't worry, Mickey. We'll be safe in the shoe garage
We'll be safe in the shoe garage
. MICKEY MOUSE: OK. Be careful. MINNIE: Hold on, Pluto. I think we're going for a little ride. Oh, my. Are you all right, Pluto? I hope everything's OK at the Clubhouse. This doesn't look like the Clubhouse. I wonder where we are, Pluto. Oh, my. Look. This place is really silly. CLARABELLE: Oh, goodness sakes. Oopsie me. MINNIE: Ooh, you have a wand. Are you a fairy or a witch? CLARABELLE: I'm a witch. Good witch Clarabelle
Good witch Clarabelle
. And who are you? MINNIE: I'm Minnie Mouse. And this is Pluto. CLARABELLE: Goodness. How did you two get here? MINNIE: Well, it's a little confusing. We don't even know where here is. CLARABELLE: Why, you're in the land of...The land of, uh... CHIP AND DALE: You're in the Land of Dizz. CLARABELLE: Oh, yes. The Land of Dizz. Who said that? CHIP: We did. DALE: Hi, there. MINNIE: Who are you? DALE: He's Chip. CHIP: And he's Dale. CHIP AND DALE: We're the chip-munchkins. Watch Clubhouse day party video

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