Egg and Spoon Race | Fun Fair

DONALD DUCK: I hope so!
Egg and Spoon Race | Fun Fair
MICKEY MOUSE: Don't worry, fellas. You guys are gonna do great. CHIP AND DALE: Thanks! DONALD DUCK: This ought to be fun. CLARABELLE: Gather around, folks for the fun fair egg and spoon race.
folks for the fun fair egg and spoon race
MICKEY MOUSE: All you have to do is carry an egg over to your partner. CLARABELLE: Then he or she has to carry it back to the starting line without dropping the egg! MICKEY MOUSE: Are all the teams ready?
Are all the teams ready
PETE: You betcha, Mickey the farmer mouse! DONALD DUCK: Let's do it! GOOFY: Me and goofbot are all charged up. GOOFBOT: And ready to go-go-go! MINNIE: We're here, too. CHIP AND DALE: Don't forget about us! CLARABELLE: Now, to your starting places, everybody.
to your starting places, everybody
GOOFBOT: Good luck, Goofy! GOOFY: You, too, mechanical buddy of mine! DONALD DUCK: This ought to be a piece of cake. PETE: You tell them, quackers. We're gonna win for sure.
We're gonna win for sure
No egg dropping here. MICKEY MOUSE: Come on, everybody. Hold your spoon steady and race with us. CLARABELLE: And don't drop your egg! OK, egg racers. Ready... Set... Go! GOOFY: Let's go, little eggy! MINNIE: Careful now! CHIP: Yeah! GOOFY: Hey! Oh, gotcha, little eggy-weggy! Here I come! PETE: Here I goes on my tip-pity toes! DONALD DUCK: Get going, you big palooka!
Get going, you big palooka
PETE: Moving as fast as I can, quackers! Just be ready! CHIP: Coming through! Go-go-go! MINNIE: La-la-la, la-la-la! Yoo-hoo! Excuse me, coming through! Whoa. Here you go, Daisy! DONALD DUCK: Have an egg. PETE: Don't mind if I do. GOOFY: It's all yours. PETE: Get quacking. MICKEY MOUSE: Yee-ha! CLARABELLE: Keep up the good work! GOOFY: Go goofbot,
Go goofbot
go! GOOFBOT: B-b-bumpy! Oopsie! GOOFY: Gosh! Goofbot's falling apart, and he's losing his parts! GOOFBOT: This road is very rough. Sorry, Goofy. I goofed up... GOOFY: Sweet potaters! Stop the race! We've got to help my goofbot! Oh. MICKEY MOUSE: Uh-oh! Goofbot is missing the three control buttons that make him go. Goofy, do you have any? GOOFY: No... That's where that was. Whoopsie. Nope! Totally out of buttons.
Totally out of buttons
MICKEY MOUSE: But we've got plenty of mouseketools. Maybe they can help us. Everybody say: Oh, Toodles! ALL: Oh, Toodles! TOODLES: Right here, pa-pa-pardner! Whee-ha! MICKEY MOUSE: We've got bottle caps, the handy fishing pole, a giant bendy straw, and the mystery mouseketool. What can we use to replace Goofbot's buttons?
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