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In an alternate history, the asteroid that would have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago passes safely over Earth. Sixty-five million years later, Apatosaurus farmers Henry and Ida have children Libby, Buck, and the runt Arlo, who has trouble adjusting to farm life. While his successful siblings are allowed to "make their mark" (a mud-print on the family's corn silo), Arlo's timid nature makes tasks difficult for him. Henry attempts to give Arlo a sense of purpose by putting him in charge of guarding their silo, and helps him set a trap. It captures a feral caveboy, but Arlo doesn't have the heart to kill him, and sets him free. Disappointed, Henry takes The Good Dinosaur characters: ArloArlo to track the caveboy, leading them into a ravine. Henry saves Arlo from a flash flood before being swept away and killed. Without his father, Arlo shoulders more of the workload. He spots the same caveboy inside the silo and, blaming him for his father's death, chases him until both fall into a river. Arlo cannot swim, and more


Bob Peterson and Peter Sohn started working on the film in 2009, when Peterson came up with the idea. The film's first release date of November 27, 2013 was first announced in June 2011. The plot, director and co-director, producer, and other small details were announced at the D23 Expo on August 20, 2011. Peterson and John Walker announced the film as The Untitled Pixar Movie About Dinosaurs. On April 24, 2012, Pixar announced that it would be titled The Good Dinosaur. The filmmakers wanted to explore what dinosaurs represent today, and how they are represented in stereotypes. Peterson stated: "It's time to do a movie where you get to know the dinosaur, what it's really like to be a dinosaur and to be with a dinosaur." Peterson said the inspiration for the project came from a childhood visit to the 1964 New York World's Fair where he was impressed by some dinosaur Audio-Animatronics. On the film's title, Sohn stated, more

Cast as voices

Raymond Ochoa as Arlo, the youngest of the Apatosaurus family
Jack McGraw as Young Arlo
Jack Bright as The Good Dinosaur characters: SpotSpot, a 6-7-year-old human caveboy who befriends Arlo
Sam Elliott as Butch, a Tyrannosaurus who runs a "ranch" filled with prehistoric "longhorns"
Anna Paquin as Ramsey, Butch's daughter
A. J. Buckley as Nash, Butch's son
Jeffrey Wright as Poppa Henry, the father of the Apatosaurus family
Frances McDormand as Momma Ida, the mother of the Apatosaurus family more

Movie soundtrack listing

All music composed by Mychael Danna and Jeff Danna.
1. "Homestead" 2:11
2. "Hello Arlo" 2:49
3. "Chores" 0:55
4. "Make Your Mark" 2:07
5. "Fireflies" 2:16
6. "Critter Problem" 1:04
7. "You're Me and More" 3:05
8. "Family Struggle" 1:23
9. "Swept Away" 1:33
10. "Mountain Top" 0:51
11. "Lost in the World" 3:35
12. "Offerings" 1:32
13. "Unexpected Friend" 2:56
14. "Pet Collector" 2:24
15. "Swimming Lessons" 2:29
16. "Orphans" 4:39 more


Butch: I got a job for you.
Arlo: I'm not really good at jobs...
Butch: I need you to keep on the dodge and sidle up the loblolly, past them horn-heads, just hootin' and hollerin' and score off them rustlers. We'll cut dirt and get the bulge on 'em.
Arlo: What?
Ramsey: He just wants you to get on that rock and scream.
Arlo: Uh... But who's out there?
Butch: They'll come right at ya. You hold your ground. Don't move.
Arlo: Don't move? What if they have claws and big teeth?
Butch: Don't overthink it.