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by Cornel A. Oprisan
Riley Andersen (Kaitlyn Dias) is born in Minnesota. Within her mind's Headquarters, five personifications of her basic emotions, Joy (Amy Poehler), Sadness (Phyllis Smith), Fear (Bill Hader), Disgust (Mindy Kaling), and Anger (Lewis Black), come to life and influence her actions via a control console. As she grows up, her experiences become memories, stored in colored orbs, which are sent into long-term memory each night. Her five most important "core memories" are housed in a hub; each powers an aspect of her personality which takes the form of floating islands. Joy acts as a de facto leader, and since she and the other emotions do not understand Sadness' purpose, she tries to keep Sadness away from the console. At the age of 11, Riley and her parents move to San Francisco for her father's new business. Riley has poor first experiences: the new house is cramped and old, the moving van with their belongings is misdirected, and her father is under stress from his business. When Sadness begins touching Riley's happy memories, turning them sad, Joy tries to guard them more


The film was first story boarded over a period of two to three years, all the while undergoing screenings for Pixar's "Brain Trust," a small group of creative leaders at Pixar who oversee development on all films. After multiple screenings and suggestions from other filmmakers, the picture was put into production. It was again evaluated three months into that process. Kevin Nolting, editor of the film, estimated there were seven versions of Inside Out created before it even went into production. The story team attempted to create as much contrast with characters as possible. They found Joy the most complex character to write for, as she illustrates a broad range of "happy feelings." The earliest idea present in the final film is that Joy holds onto youth too long, setting about a "social storm" for Riley. It was not until several screenings later that they came upon the concept of moving to a new place, which created an external conflict that made the story easier to write. Initially, this crisis was to be set at a Thanksgiving Day pageant, in which Riley was hoping to be cast as its lead role, the turkey. Pete Docter later deemed this idea too "bizarre" and it was replaced. Pete Docter estimated it took four years more

Cast as voices

Amy Poehler as Joy
Phyllis Smith as Sadness
Richard Kind as Bing Bong
Lewis Black as Anger
Bill Hader as Fear
Mindy Kaling as Disgust
Kaitlyn Dias as Riley Andersen
Diane Lane as Riley's Mother
Kyle MacLachlan as Riley's Father
Paula Poundstone as Forgetter Paula
Bobby Moynihan as Forgetter Bobby
Paula Pell as Dream Director, Mother's Anger, Teacher's Disgust and Teacher's Sadness
Dave Goelz as Subconscious Guard Frank
Frank Oz as Subconscious Guard Dave
Josh Cooley as Jangles the Clown more

Movie soundtrack listing

Film score by Michael Giacchino
1. "Bundle of Joy" 2:48
2. "Team Building" 2:18
3. "Nomanisone Island/National Movers" 4:20
4. "Overcoming Sadness" 0:51
5. "Free Skating" 0:59
6. "First Day of School" 2:02
7. "Riled Up" 1:02
8. "Goofball No Longer" 1:11
9. "Memory Lanes" 1:22
10. "The Forgetters" 0:50
11. "Chasing the Pink Elephant" 1:55
12. "Abstract Thought" 1:47
13. "Imagination Land" 1:25
14. "Down in the Dumps" 1:47
15. "Dream Productions" 1:43 more


Joy: Do you ever look at someone and wonder, "What is going on inside their head?" Well, I know. Well, I know Riley's head.
Joy: Okay, first day of school! Very, very exciting! I was up late last night figuring out a new plan. Here it is. Fear! I need a list of all the possible negative outcomes on the first day at a new school.
Fear: Way ahead of you there. Does anyone know how to spell "meteor?"
Joy: Disgust! Make sure Riley stands out today... but also blends in.
Disgust: When I'm through, Riley will look so good the other kids will look at their own outfits and barf.