Start dancing to it then Clubhouse

MICKEY MOUSE: I think I figured it out. Those ears up there Are really speakers

Those ears up there Are really speakers
. And the round gold floor is a record, which makes the whole place a big old record

Mickey loves to hear music Clubhouse

MICKEY MOUSE: We're here. The Mouse Eared Mystery.
The Mouse Eared Mystery
Come on, everybody. DAISY: It's even more mysterious in person. MINNIE: Oh, my! It's too dark in there. We can't see.

How can we make music Clubhouse

MINNIE: Kansas City Mickey, how can we get around those big stones?
how can we get around those big stones
MICKEY MOUSE: Hmm. Well, I'm not sure. Let's call

Jungle gal Clarabelle Clubhouse

MICKEY MOUSE: Now, it's on to the hidden rainforest. Here we are. The hidden rainforest!
The hidden rainforest
CLARABELLE: Ooh. Moo-ta. Whoa! DONALD DUCK: What is that? GOOFY: Gawrsh!

Ever going to hear us Clubhouse

MICKEY MOUSE: Bundle up, everybody. We're hitting the slopes.
We're hitting the slopes
MINNIE: Oh, I had no idea it would be so cold. GOOFY: Look at all the snow. Did the scrambler come with snow tires? MICKEY MOUSE: Even better! Now, we take snowy peak pass all the

Picture clues for mouseketools Clubhouse

MICKEY MOUSE: Oh, wow! Instead of mouseketools, we got something different.
we got something different
PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: That's right. These pictures, called pictograms, are clues. Each one is giving us a clue to the kind

Mickey's Mystery Clubhouse

MICKEY MOUSE: Oh, hiya, everybody! Pluto and I sure are glad to see you
Pluto and I sure are glad to see you
because today we're looking at maps. Maps show us how to get to fun and exciting places we've never been to. PROFESSOR VON DRAKE: Uh, pardon us, Mickey the Mouse. Come,