Battle Angel Alita Rusty Angel

You are invited to watch with full english subtitles Battle Angel Alita Rusty AngelWatch for free Battle Angel Alita Rusty Angel with full english subtitles the story of a young girl cyborg rebuilded by a cyber-doctor with no memory of her past but with huge ... fighting skills.
A big budget Hollywood movie version of the story is scheduled to be released on February 14, 2019. Watch Official Trailer of Alita: Battle Angel (2019)
IDO: She's alive! Incredible! She's really still alive!She's really still alive! GONZU: She's human all right. IDO: It's uncanny, how well the brain was preserved under those conditions. GONZU: Look, she's coming out of torpor! IDO: Hello, my name is Ido? You have a name? GONZU: After all this time, she's not likely to remember much. IDO: I think I can restore most of it. GONZU: You'll be keeping her, then? IDO: Ya! ALITA: Here you are, Ido. IDO: Thank you. GONZU: How do you feel, Alita?How do you feel, Alita? Have you adapted to your new body yet? ALITA: Yes Mr. Gonzu! It feels wonderful to move about so freely. GONZU: Well, Ido is the best cyber-doctor in town, you know. IDO: I would not go that far. GONZU: But Alita, wandering off by yourself can be dangerous, especially at night with that killer stalking young girls for their brains. And that's not even mentioning the spine thieves. CYBORG: That's a fact, Jack! One minute I'm whole, the next I'm spineless! IDO: You see, most cyborg parts are easy to obtainmost cyborg parts are easy to obtain, but without a viable synthetic replacement, the human spinal column is a different matter. GONZU: And that means there's a thriving black market of "spare parts" dealers, ruthless organ brokers who'll take the back from under your shirt. HUGO: Hey Doc! It's giving me more trouble than I expected. I'll finish up tomorrow. IDO: Well, thanks for trying. Would you like a drink before you go, Hugo? HUGO: Oh, no thanks. I've still got another thirty houses or so to hit today. See you tomorrow! Bye! GONZU: Courteous and hardworking, rare qualities in a young man these daysCourteous and hardworking, rare qualities in a young man these days. Am I right, Ido? IDO: Yes, sadly true. CYBORG: Doc, you know I don't have enough chips to pay for this. IDO: Don't worry, I'm not at the point of starvation yet. You can pay me when you get the funds. ALITA: Good morning, Ido. IDO: Oh, good morning, Alita. ALITA: What happened to your arm? IDO: Ah, this? I guess I must have tripped. ALITA: Are you OK? [VOICE OVER] He must have done it when he was out last night. ALITA: Hey up there! What are you up to? I said, "Hey!" HUGO: Can't you see I'm in the middle something up there? You live here with the Doc, don't you? ALITA: That's right! My name's Alita!My name's Alita! HUGO: That's a strange name. ALITA: And you're just rude. I think it's a pretty name. HUGO: You're right. It suits you. My name's... ALITA: Hugo, right? HUGO: You knew it already? ALITA: Hugo, do you have family here? HUGO: Nope. ALITA: Wow, that's impressive. I mean, that you can make a living all by yourself. HUGO: You think so? Now, that's impressive. ALITA: What is? HUGO: How can you say "what"? I mean Zalem, of course. ALITA: Oh, I see. HUGO: Hey! Why don't you come with me? ALITA: Where to? HUGO: To a better place. Hey Doc, I've got it working now! ALITA: Ido, I'm going out too! HUGO: It's up this way! ALITA: Wait up! HUGO: Here, take my hand. Geez! What are you made of?What are you made of? It felt like you weighed a ton! And you're strong too. ALITA: Really? HUGO: Yeah, really! HUGO: I think the view of Zalem from here is just the greatest. Sometimes, if I keep staring at it, I can feel it calling to my soul. What kind of people live there, I wonder? My brother wanted to go to Zalem. He even broke the law and built an airship. As for me, I'll just make lots and lots of money. And then I'll go there myself! Why are you looking at me so funny? ALITA: I'm sorry Hugo, but the look on your face is the most interesting view here. HUGO: More interesting than Zalem? Must be real. Look at this place. What a disgusting cesspool of humanity! It's nothing but the dumping grounds for Zalem, you know. These people are vultures feeding on the trash that falls from the sky. ALITA: Oh, I didn't know. HUGO: You really don't understand, do you? Are you from the out lands or something? ALITA: I really don't know. I have no memories, no past. Even my name, "Alita", is something made up. HUGO: I see. But, in a way, that's not so bad. No past means a clean slate for your soul, no memories to haunt you. IDO: But why Chiren, why do you want to go back to Zalem that badly? CHIREN: I have to. There are things that I didn't get a chance to finish. IDO: And you really think you can manage it? CHIREN: What can anyone hope to accomplish in Scrap Iron City? The only work for someone of my skill in this dump is repairing crippled cyborgs! IDO: What's wrong with that? CHIREN: It's a crime! Squandering a talent like yours in this backwater. You know you could do much better up in Zalem. Does it amuse you to play fallen angelamuse you to play fallen angel to these insects? An angel of mercy? Ido, you have no idea how far you've fallen. You were Zalem's finest, the best cybernetics doctor ever! I don't understand where is your pride? IDO: My pride is not the problem. What has become of yours? CHIREN: I don't intend to spend the rest of my life here. I'll claw my way back to Zalem with my bare hands if I have to. I'll do whatever it takes. IDO: Chiren, I know it's no longer my business, but as your former partner, please trust me on this: You mustn't get involved with the Factory. CHIREN: Ido, this is the last time I'll ask. Will you help me return? IDO: No. CHIREN: I see. I'm sorry.
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